Maintaining an overview is what matters

Have you ever watched a head chef looking for produce on a market? Checking, comparing and searching before selecting the very best. This is exactly how we work. We know what, where and when we can buy the very best for you. All over the world. Nearly every food has its best buying season and many non-food articles also vary in price and availability throughout the year. We assist our customers with their purchasing planning or if required we can manage our customer’s entire procurement procedure.

As your professional and competent partner we are the link between food manufacturers and the HORECA (Hotel-Restaurant-Catering) sector. Amongst other things we are in the food business because we know every aspect of this sector and we maintain the very best relationships to other members of the food supply chain.

Only the best suppliers – worldwide

The satisfaction of our customers depends on our expertise and ability to obtain the best suppliers from around the world. Reliability, punctuality and competitive prices are some of the most important criteria. Over the years we have established a partner network guaranteeing comprehensive service in all areas of food procurement. We will keep on the ball for you – particularly as the market for high-quality food products is sensitive and requires particular care and attention.