The seamless Intertrade logistics chain

We can supply the entire range of food products from all over the world, placing the utmost priority on quality and freshness. This is one of the guarantees of our logistic chain that focuses on a demand-oriented distribution of foods and time-critical products throughout the whole of Europe. Ensuring that your products have that delicious taste that you and your customers want. Every day. Just-in-time.

We work independently and monitor all services ourselves. Agreements are just as important for us as compliance with delivery dates and the optimisation of existing services networks. Through customer-oriented and cost-optimised route scheduling we can supply our customers throughout Europe, ensuring logistic independence. We make good better.

Strategic storage

We aim to avoid unnecessary or high costs. As a consequence our stores are strategically positioned so that we can save storage costs, also ensuring that deliveries are quicker and at the best possible price. Reliable and precise. An advantage that we gladly pass on to our customers.